Policies and Terms

Our 100% Guarantee

At FCP we guarantee our work 100%. If there is any kind of error on the part of our company, we will work to resolve it at no charge. If the error can not be resolved, we will refund our charges 100%.

Privacy policy

As a direct mail data processor, FCP realizes that we are dealing with sensitive customer information and lists that our customers value highly. We do not condone or allow any other use of customer lists other than what our customers have intended. In that regards, we make every effort to keep customer lists of all kinds private, safe, and secure.


Need Help Fast?

The quickest way to get help is to simply call 912-344-4851.

If you do not need an imediate response try emailing us at info@directmaildp.com or Jamie@directmaildp.com for more information.

See our FAQs page if you think you have a frequently asked question.