All performed to your satisfaction and as soon as possible.

Services Provided:

Mail Tracking:
Mail Tracking using Mail Spotter® Technology! Now you can track your mail through an online portal that we will provide to you. Using the intelligent mail barcode and scan data from the USPS you will be able to see when your mail is delivered, identify mail deliver patterns and problems, know when to expect responses, and more! Detailed reports can be customized by State, Sectional Center Facility, Zipcode, Postal Facility, and even details on individual mailpieces. Optionally, or in addition to the intelligent mail barcode, you can use a Quick Response (QR) Code that we will custom generate for each mailpiece. You will be able to get the same detailed information and reports showing when the QR Code was scanned with a smartphone and who and where it was scanned!

National Change of Address
NCOA is now required for all First Class and Standard (presorted or automated) mailings within 95 days prior to the mailing. 14% of Americans (43 Million people, One of every six families) moves EACH YEAR! Standard Bulk Mail w/o an Ancilliary Endorsement does NOT get Forwarded by the post office, it get's DISPOSED. Using NCOA will improve the deliverability and speed of all your mailings by updating your list with the latest change of address information on file at the Post Office. Instead of the Post Office having to forward or DISPOSE your mail, the address will be corrected before it's even printed on a mailing label.

Carrier Route and Zip+4+2 Encoding - CASS certified:
Especially with the new Postal Reform regulations, automation is a must! We will encode your list with Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) certified software and presort it to the maximum postal discounts available... saving you and/or your customers $dollars$ by using the automation postage rate whenever possible.

File Cleaning and Preparation:
After our initial CASS/NCOA processing of your file, we will review undeliverable addresses to see if they can be quickly manually corrected. Then, we will report the number of any Unmatched, Multimatched, Vacant, No Forwarding, Forwarding Expired, and/or Duplicates to your attention. You get to decide which addresses to correct or purge. Also, upon request, we can email these addresses to you in an Excel file.

Address Standardization & Zip Correction:
Address Standardization and Zipcode Correction further cleans up your lists to make it more deliverable. Addresses can be converted to either upper or mixed case and the address components can be either spelled out or abbreviated. Your mailings will not only look better, but more pieces will get into your customer's or prospect's hands... where they should be instead of the Postal Service's trash can.

Merge/Purge, De-Dupe, Selects and Radius Search:
Our "state of the art" software will merge different types of files and then, upon request, delete all the duplicates in your list. We have different routines for different types of lists and we can even customize our routines to fit your needs. Selects by Zipcode, Carrier Route, State, SIC Code, County, and even Radius Searches are not a problem.

PRESORT 1st Class, Standard, Periodical, Bound Printed Matter:
Our "easy to see" endorsement lines on the labels tell you exactly which bundle and sack/tray you are working with. Our sack/tray tags include sack/tray numbers which match the endorsement line. And... we provide all the 3600 series reports, Qualification Reports, and barcoded sack/tray tags that you need with every presort job, all PAVE Certified. Presorting in this manner is a must for bulk mailings in today's market.

Custom Laser LABEL Printing:
We can print presorted high speed automation (barcoded) laser labels complete with the new intelligent mail barcode (IMBC) using various sizes and widths. Laser Labels can include a return address, company logo, and permit indicia along with the mailing address and IMBC. Again, our "easy to see" endorsement lines tell you exactly which bundle and sack/tray you are working with. The IMBC can be used to get automation rate postal discounts or do Mail Tracking. All presorted labels come with all the necessary postal documentation and sack/tray tags. See PRESORT above.

Personalized Mail Merge Laser Letters:
We can help you create the best looking mail merge letter possible by genderizing your list and adding the Mr., Mrs., or Ms. to your names and we can parse the name to create a salutation like "Mr. Smith". We can also convert from all uppercase to mixed case if necessary. Lastly, we can help you setup the mail merge document to include all the necessary variable information from you presorted mailing list, provide samples, and print your letters for you.

Ink-Jet Envelope Printing:

If you want an economical way to address your mailpiece without using a "label", then Ink-Jetting is the way to go. The quality is high, the price is right, and barcoding is an option.

File Conversions:
We can convert your files for use with our presorting software, usually at no extra charge. For more information on commonly used file types, see our FAQ page.

Data Entry:
If needed, we can manually enter your mailing list into the computer. Fast, accurate, and returned in any format you like.

Custom Jobs ? No Problem !
Because of our experience in the mailing industry, we can do jobs that other service bureaus can't or don't want to handle! For example, ask about these services: Phone and/or Fax append, Area Code Update, SIC Code append, Address Correction, Address append from phone numbers, E-Mail Address Append, Do-Not-Mail / Do-Not-Call Suppression or Demographic data append and analysis.






Top 6 Reasons companies use our services:

  1. You will not need to train and/or retrain employees if they quit or retire or the postal regulations change.
  2. You will not need to pay employees during down or slow times or lay them off.
  3. You will not need to maintain expensive postal software and computer equipment.
  4. You will not need to spend additional time and resources on difficult lists or jobs.
  5. You will be dealing with an expert in data processing as it applies to direct mail and online marketing.
  6. We offer valueable services at very competitive prices.